Whether you live in Wyoming or you’re out of town looking for a challenge, you should come down to the Wyoming wilderness if you want a hiking experience like no other. Just print out some directions, lock up, turn on the ADT home security if you got it, and saddle up for an experience you won’t soon forget. I have also created a small list of things to consider before you take your journey.

1. Get some comfortable boots – Preferably you are going to want some durable, comfortable and, most of all, water proof boots. Make sure you put them on and take a light hike or walk before you take them to Wyoming. Just to break them in.

2. Long sleeves and pants – I know this sounds ridiculous, especially in the heat, but which is worse – sweating a little or catching Lyme disease? Long sleeves can also help protect your skin from the sun and will help conserve your body’s heat in case of an emergency.

3. Bring plenty of water – This one seems pretty obvious but can’t be stressed enough. Be sure and bring plenty of water for your trip because you can’t drink what’s flowing all around you. Too many chances of it being infected.