As the time to hit the slopes approaches, skiers and snow boarders will be out on the fluffy white stuff, taking advantage of the cold and snow while they can. It is important that everyone remembers courtesy for one another to make it an enjoyable experience for all. As boarders and skiers take to the trails, there is proper etiquette to follow for safety and to share the mountain in an amicable way. Most importantly, everyone needs to be aware of everyone around them and be in control, able to stop in the event of any unexpected obstacle or when another person inadvertently crosses the path. It is also important to yield to others, stay visible, and make sure a landing area is clear before attempting it. When getting ready to go on the lift, it is important to keep moving, not stop and chat or wait for others to catch up. It is appropriate to wait for friends in another area and not hold up others. Let others know when the bar is coming down and move away quickly. People shouldn’t zigzag and keep the trail solely to themselves. Also, be careful when passing those who are going slowly.