There are three main types of bait: live, prepared or artificial. Which kind you use depends on what time of year it is, where you are fishing (streams, ponds, rivers, or the ocean), and the kind of fish that you’re trying to catch.
When using live bait, many prefer just to purchase it. Still, a lot of fisherman like getting their bait the fun way on a wet lawn at night, looking around compost piles, exploring campsites, or scanning boat launches or campsites. They find earthworms, grasshoppers, flies, crickets, minnows, shad, crayfish, and frogs.
There are other fisherman who prefer to use prepared bait. Kernal corn, hotdogs, bread balls, cheese balls, chicken entrails, baked potato pieces and salmon eggs are a few popular examples. Many feel that prepared bait isn’t as good as live, but catfish, carp, and trout are a few fish frequently lured by using it.
Minnows are also used a lot by pros. These are small, freshwater eurasion cyprinoids that are used in the names of many freshwater fishes like mudminnows or topminnows. You can used real or artificial minnows as bait, and they are used a lot to catch chub, golden shiner, and fathead or bluntnose minnows.