Wyoming is the least populated state in the USA and has long been known as a sportsman’s paradise. The eastern third of the state is made up of high grassy plains and is home to large populations of pronghorn antelope. The western two thirds rise into majestic mountains forested with pine and cut up by an abundance of rivers, lakes and streams and is the habitat of deer, elk, moose and bear.

For the fisherman, Wyoming has endless opportunities and the crystal clear mountain lakes and flowing rivers offer some of the best angling on earth. For the flyfisherman, Wyoming hosts five species of trout and the cutthroat, brook, lake, rainbow and browns can be found in good populations. Other popular species include walleye, grayling, whitefish and pike.

Some of the best fishing is within the boundaries of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Shoshone National parks. The Yellowstone and Snake rivers have deep pools amid smoking hot springs and along their entire lengths offer great angling and the Gallatin, Lewis and Green river drainages allow the angler to get away from the crowds. Yellowstone and Jackson lakes offer anglers a variety of species amid the most beautiful scenery on the planet.